KLBK AM Weather December 5, 2017

LUBBOCK, TX - It is cold out there today! The strong cold front has done its job and we are getting a taste of winter air out there. Expect cloudy skies to stay with us all day long, blocking the sun for most of the day. We'll get some peeks of sunshine at times. The big question today is whether or not we'll see snow, or rain. The bottom layer of the atmosphere is dry. So, most of what is going to fall will evaporate before reaching the ground. However, I can't rule out some light snow, mixing with light rain this afternoon, through tomorrow morning.

The ground is relatively warm, thanks to the warm weekend. So, there will not be travel issues. At worst, we'll see wet spots if we can hang some light snow/rain over an area for a few hours. Otherwise, with the cloudy skies in the area today, the cool air will linger. Expect a high temperature of 42° here in Lubbock. Overnight, we'll continue to see the cloudy skies. So, lows won't be as low as if we saw clear skies. Still, we will drop down to a low temperature of 28°.

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