KLBK AM Weather November 28, 2017

LUBBOCK, TX - We'll begin to see changes to the weather by early afternoon. A cold front is racing its way through southeast Colorado and western Kansas this morning. It will bring with it strong wind, cooler air and dry conditions. So, you can expect to see sunny skies today, with a high reaching 69° just before the cold front moves in. The wind will be the big problem today, as it will be sustained at 25-30 mph, gusting to 45 mph at times. Keep in mind that fires will spread very quickly.

Overnight, we will be looking at clear skies and light wind. That is always a recipe for a cold morning this time of year. We are going to dip below freezing in Lubbock and most of the area. So, be ready to dress warm as you head out Wednesday morning. Lubbock will drop to 31°, with lows in the mid 20s to the northwest. The rest of the day will see sunny skies and cooler air. Highs will still remain above average, with Lubbock making it to 64°.

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