KLBK Midday Web Forecast January 12, 2018

LUBBOCK, TX - There will be more cold air to talk about as we move into Sunday morning. Lows will dip back into the low 20s, including 22° in Lubbock. Readings will drop closer to 13°-18° off to the west and northwest. Dress in layers if you're going to church in the morning. The afternoon will warm up, once again. We're riding the afternoon temperature roller coaster again! Skies will stay sunny and the wind will remain light. So, our high will get above average at 57°.

As you go back to work Monday morning, lows will be below freezing again. Lubbock will not be as bad, but we'll still make it down to 27°. I know many schools are out for Martin Luther King, Jr day. If you're going to try to get outside in the afternoon, we will continue with the sunshine, but the air will be cooler. Expect to watch the high to reach 51°. That will be back below average. However, if you're outside and moving around, it really won't be too awful at all.

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