Elizabeth Fitz

Elizabeth Fitz joined the KLBK News Team as an MMJ/Reporter in September 2021. She graduated from college in May 2020 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and minors in Spanish and Theatre. She is an Indianapolis native, dog mom, and lover of all living creatures.

Elizabeth’s passion for storytelling started when she was a small child in acting classes. Her interest in video storytelling started in high school. Today, she is proud to call herself a multimedia storyteller.

One of her many goals is to become a broadcast investigative journalist. She would love to produce documentaries, podcasts and in-depth coverage about things that matter in any media form.

Elizabeth has a God-fearing heart and unstoppable fire in her pursuit of an equitable tomorrow. She feels blessed to have a clear understanding of her life’s calling, which is to serve disenfranchised communities and marginalized groups so that future generations can succeed in a society that is equitable and free.

She strives to answer the people’s needs, empower groups to act, and shed light on true stories that make positive differences in our world.

Elizabeth cannot overstate how much she loves her job.

The three values she works to embody each day are:

  1. Faith
  2. Compassion
  3. Curiosity

If you have any story ideas, questions, comments or concerns, feel free to send her an email at efitz@klbk13.tv or call her at 806-745-2345 ext. 2112.

You can also find Elizabeth on social media:

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