Jack Maney

Most meteorologists can point to one specific event that sparked their interest in weather, but Jack can’t say it was just one. Growing up near Oklahoma City, extreme weather events seemed to come every year. The interest was there since he was old enough to walk, but that interest was galvanized into passion when he witnessed both of the historic El Reno, OK tornadoes of 2011 and 2013. He still wears it as a mark of pride that he saw the widest tornado in history with his own eyes.

As a born and raised Okie, Jack is no stranger to the kind of weather West Texas brings to the table. During college at the University of Oklahoma, he distinguished himself as a forecaster with the Oklahoma Weather Lab and the college’s broadcasting program, OU Nightly. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology in May 2021. KLBK is Jack’s first job in the world of broadcasting, and he looks forward to continuing his journey to help keep you safe when dangerous weather blows in! 

Outside of work, Jack is a bit of a renaissance man. He dabbles in a wide variety of hobbies ranging from music and photography to hockey and hiking. He’s a fan of the Boston Bruins and is learning to love the Red Raiders too!

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter @JackmanWx! Or feel free to send him a message at jmaney@klbk13.com.

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