Everyone knows that balloons are the main attraction at Balloon Fiesta, but the food may run a close second. KRQE News 13 shares the astonishing number of burritos and hot drinks they sell in just one day.

“Everyday we come in at [3:00 a.m.],” said Virginia Romero, Perico’s Manager. “I know, it’s early.”

Vendors at Fiesta said it takes a lot of man power and time to prep their stands.

“We have to get the drinks ready, we have to get the food ready,” said Romero.

The early morning wake-up call for the thousands of Fiesta goers means a rush to grab a hot meal.

The lines to grab a breakfast burrito or even some hot chocolate fill up fast, and some vendors said those items sometimes sell out.

“Cases and cases and cases of tortillas,” said Romero. “It’s a New Mexican hand warmer carrying that burrito. It works! It warms up your hands.”

KRQE News 13 told on a good day, a vendor could sell hundreds or even more than 1,000 breakfast burritos. Combined, the numbers reach the tens of thousands.

“On a busy weekend morning, we could probably sell close to 20,000 breakfast burritos,” said Jay Satenspeil, who oversees all the food vendors.

They also said 15,000 gallons of hot chocolate can be sold in one day.

“Most of your servings are in a 10 or a 12 ounce cup, and to push those types of numbers are just insane,” said Satenspiel.

“We serve a lot of hot chocolate and a lot of hot coffee,” said Rudy Chavez with Chavez New Mexican Foods.

Vendors said those foods go quickly because it’s part of the Fiesta fun.

“The thing that New Mexico is known for, especially at Fiesta, is our breakfast burritos,” said Satenspiel.

“We just love, we love Balloon Fiesta,” said Romeo. “We look forward to it every year.”

“It’s a phenomenal experience for the people who come here,” said Chavez. “We’re really proud to serve them our traditional New Mexican foods.” 

The concessions open around 4:00-4:30 a.m. There are about 40 vendors on vendor row.