AUSTIN (KXAN) — KXAN projects Rep. Lloyd Doggett has won the District 37 seat — a newly-created Austin-based district. It’s one of the seven new U.S. House districts created after the 2020 census in order to bolster the state’s population growth.

Doggett received 219,149 votes (76.80%). Republican Jenny Garcia Sharon had 59,879 votes (20.98%) and Libertarian Clark Patterson had 6,329 (2.22%).

Doggett, who has represented the Austin area since 1995, ran for reelection as the Democratic candidate for District 37. Doggett currently represents CD-35, which includes parts of Austin and San Antonio. Democratic candidate Greg Casar ran for the CD-35 seat in his place.

Doggett said with this district he’s “really back to more of the neighborhoods that I grew up in here. Austin’s the only town I’ve ever called home.”

Doggett mentioned one of his main priorities in Congress is to continue his work on the “Build Back Better” legislation designed to expand healthcare coverage. He said he’ll be looking for any areas where he can find common ground with other lawmakers when it comes to health care. He would like to look toward the long term of Medicare and Medicaid.

He also said he wants to make sure to provide more aid to Ukraine, and said he believes there will be some Republicans who will join him in that effort, despite some lawmakers saying they oppose it.

He said he’s experienced a Republican-controlled Congress before, but added it will “be a real challenge” to get through priorities of his new district.

Sharon was the Republican running for the seat. According to Sharon’s campaign website, her priorities in Congress would have been to address election integrity and promote school choice, border security and pro-life legislation.

Why is this election historically significant?

From 1903-2005, the Austin area has been solely covered by Texas’ 10th Congressional District. Previously, Travis County was split into five different congressional districts, but due to the city’s overwhelmingly Democratic voting demographic, Republican candidates have faced closer and closer voting margins for reelection in recent years.

Under the new lines, District 37 covers a majority of Travis County and Austin west of Interstate 35. The deep blue district wrangles the majority of local Democratic voters, strengthening the chances for GOP candidates in surrounding areas like Williamson County.

How do I know if I’m in District 37?

The congressional district represents more than 166,000 residents in the Austin metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. It includes parts of Travis and Williamson counties. To find out if your address falls into District 37, you can use this search tool.