Lubbock, Texas- Fury companions can join owners for an outdoor dining experience nationwide at the discretion of individual restaurants.

The U.S Food and Administration updated its food code earlier in 2023, allowing dogs in outdoor dining areas with criteria that must be met. More than 23 states have already adopted the law, including Texas. With the new awareness, more were expected to follow.

Operation Paw Print caregiver Dina Smith said this is a great thing for the Lubbock community.

“People love to take their dog with them and they are just like their kids,” Smith said. “So, if they can take them wherever they go it actually makes the bond [stronger] with the owners and they are also getting socialization out in the environment.”

Stella’s Director of Marketing Lisa Edwards said this allows them the chance to continue supporting the animal community.

“I think it’s just important that more people know that they can get out and include their pets in their lives,” Edwards said.

Stella’s, Fuzzy Taco’s and Little Woodrow’s are just a few of the many places that welcome you and your dog for a seat at the table.

“We really honestly just hope that people can be respectful of people boundaries and those dogs should have a good idea of boundaries as well,” Edwards said. “If your dog is not used to being in public or around people it might not be the best to expose it right off the back.”

If restaurant choose to allow dogs, they cannot discriminate based on size or breed.

“Alot of dog owners are very much aware that some people don’t care for dogs. So, I think they will accommodate if they can maybe move to a different table so someone else is more comfortable,” Smith said.

To avoid contamination of food dogs are not allowed into the building unless they are a service animal.

“We have three gates to our patio that people can enter and exit with their animals. The only thing that we ask is that they are well behaved and, on a leash,” Edwards said.

Stella’s may possibly have a dog menu in the future, but for now there any many options to accommodate your furry partner.

“We have a deli with lots of meat so we can slice up some ham for your little puppy and we will be happy to cook them up a burger or anything you want to do,” Edwards said.

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