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Whether it be Covid-19, Stress, or hormones, Losing hair can be devastating. There are several signs for both men and women to pay attention to when it comes to hair loss. We talked to CEO of Madison Hair Care, Maya Vincent, who explains what we can look for.

Vincent says some of the first signs are, “seeing thinning hair or more hair falling out in the brush. More hair in the shower when you wash your hair or waking up in the morning with a lot of hair on your pillow.”

Signs that all of us need to take a closer look at our hair health. Thankfully she says there are techniques you can do to keep your hair. “So the first thing I recommend is taking a multivitamin with Biotin, because Biotin helps anything grow. Just find one that has at least 5-thousand milligrams of Biotin in it. It can help the body start to produce new hair growth that wasn’t coming in before. The second thing is staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, hydration helps all over the body. Having a healthy scalp means having great hair. The third thing is washing your hair at least once a week using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. The last thing is using essential oils like tea tree, peppermint oil, or castor oil. You can even use a few drops in your shampoo and conditioner.”

Just like everything else for the body, what you put into your body is very important. “I think people think health is like eating vegetables and healthy fats. But also things like using avocado oil instead of olive oil. Those things really do help the scalp and help the body as well.”

And Vincent says it does matter how you wash your hair. “Use the tip of your fingers not your nails when massaging and cleansing your hair with shampoo and or conditioner. So stay away from scrubbing and try to just massage gently. The hair will still get clean.”

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