Intentional Living – Breast Cancer Part 2


In this week’s Intentional Living we are continuing our series about Breast Cancer. Early detection can be your best bet when fighting breast cancer. Along with living a healthy lifestyle, it can give you the best chance at survival.

Each year, about 245-thousand new cases of Breast Cancer are diagnosed in women in the U.S., and 2,200 cases in men. For those people, the earlier it’s caught, the better their chances of survival.

Dr. Amelia Zelnak who is an Oncologist says, “a lot of the focus for women that are trying to have the best outcome possible with breast cancer is really focused on early detection.”

That is why Dr. Zelnak says getting annual mammograms starting at age 40 is so important. For those at high risk, start screening earlier.

Dr. Zelnak says, “if you have a strong family history of breast cancer, obviously you can’t prevent that…some of the other factors we think about like when did you have your first child, how old were you when you started your first menstrual cycle.”

Dr. Zelnak also says while monthly self breast exams were once the standard, the message now for women and men is to just be aware of your own breasts.

According to Dr. Zelnak, “if you feel something that’s different, get it checked out immediately.”

Though there are no ways to prevent breast cancer, there are ways to can reduce your risk.”

Zelnak says, “one would be to maintain a healthy weight, eat well, really just to focus on a healthy lifestyle.”

So while it is at the top of your mind, call now to make an appointment for your yearly mammogram.

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