A way to help with Covid-19 fatigue after quarantine…

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Are you done with Covid-19 and still dealing with fatigue or headaches? Here is one way to help with that.

Owner of Restore Hyper Wellness and cryotherapy, Laura Smith says, “Hey I’m getting over Covid and have fatigue, there anything you can do to help me?”

If you had more than the minor symptoms of covid-19 then you understand the fatigue and lack of energy. Maybe and IV drip with essential vitamins and minerals will help get you back on track.

Smith tells me, “what we’re recommending and what we’re talking to people about the most is the high dose vitamin C and that’s probably the biggest thing, and then we encourage people to put NAC in it and glutathiones are great as well. Life without B12 is not worth living, it’s good stuff it gives you energy.”

Receiving an IV or Shot is a short process for your health and safety.

“Getting an IV or shot there is a little bit of a process, it’s a medical service, you have to have a prescription so you can’t just walk in off the street and get one, there’s a waiver that you fill out, you spend some time with our nurse practitioner and you get a prescription and that prescription is then good for a year.”

Once you get the prescription an RN will then administer your IV or shot.

Smith says it doesn’t take too much time, “the drip it only takes about, well it depends on how dehydrated you are. The more dehydrated you are the faster you are going to drip so 35-45 minutes usually tops. Shots are great, five minutes tops.”

But remember you must be conscious of when you can go in and receive this, you can’t be sick.

“There’s not a day that I don’t get a call where they say hey I have Covid and I want to come in. Nope we don’t want to see ya. We don’t want you in the store infecting us or our customers or anything like that. Of course we have a screening program when people walk in the door we want to find out if they have a cough or fever or something going on. People do try to come in when they are sick even if it’s not Covid and it’s something else and we have to catch them and say no. Usually people call to make an appointment and we talk to them then about what is going on.”

You can find Restore Hyper Wellness and cryotherapy in the Hub Shopping Center on Milwaukee close to 82nd Street. “We are open seven days a week. Monday through Friday from 10-7pm, Saturday from 9-5pm, and Sunday from Noon-4pm.

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