An Omaha woman has committed her entire life to uplifting women. She has worked around the world tackling issues from International Development to Public Health. In this week’s Intentional Living we find she is incorporating her life’s work with her life long hobby…One puzzle piece at a time.

Working puzzles is how Lindsey Simmonds winds down from a stressful day. She says, “I feel a sense of safety and a sense of calm from puzzling.”

Each puzzle piece, brings her peace, saying, “Most of the problems that we solve you can go left or you can go right. You know there are options. But with puzzles, there’s only one solution. There’s a sense of clarity and focus that comes and I just crave it.”

Lindsey loved puzzles so much, she created her own puzzle company that launched in January of 2020. “When I first made an order for puzzles I was terrified. I’ve never owned a business before in my life…”

Then three months later Covid-19 entered the world. It had an immediate impact on her new business. Simmonds started getting messages saying, “I need these puzzles right away. I feel so anxious. I have terrible anxiety. And in a matter of weeks I was sold out.”

Since then, Lindsey has produced 10 different designs and sold more than 15 thousand puzzles. A business that is succeeding thanks to amazing artwork, by some talented women. The images on the puzzles are all created by international female artists with their own inspiring stories. Each Wander puzzle has the same tone. It’s uplifting, diverse, colorful and all about women.

As for the creator…she is grateful. She says, “the first two artists that took a chance on me and said sure we’ll make a puzzle with you. I love them. There is a very special soft place in my heart for them because a lot of people turned me away.”

All the pieces to her puzzle profession…are coming together.

If you’d like to see more of Lindsey’s puzzles, you can find them at