EMDR Therapy making a big comeback after Prince Harry has used it

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EMDR therapy isn’t new, but gaining in popularity for the ways it can help patients process trauma, anxiety, self-esteem issues and more. Recently Prince Harry has used the therapy for his childhood trauma. In this week’s Intentional Living we talked to a licensed EMDR therapy provider about the therapy.

This type of therapy was originally designed to treat trauma victims. Dr. Nicole Black explains what EMDR stands for…Eye Movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. She says that it’s a type of therapy that helps the client identify negative beliefs that are a problem for them. Then find memories that are connected to those beliefs, where that belief has come about. And it helps them to desensitize those memories and reprocess them using something called bilateral stimulation, which is a fancy way of activating both sides of the brain, so that the brain can really just process and work through things much more quickly than a typical talk therapy session.

But you don’t have to be a trauma victim to be a good candidate for this type of therapy, Dr. Black says anyone who struggles with their self worth or perfectionism is a good candidate. Because a lot of times we carry these beliefs that I’m not doing enough. I’m not good enough. I’m worthless, I need to, I need to prove myself I need to try harder. I just have to keep doing more and more and it’s never enough, no matter what we do, we never feel fulfilled.

Results are faster than traditional talk therapy. It allows the individual to fully heal from the inside without having to be bogged down with months of talk therapy.

If you are interested in EMDR you can contact Dr. Black at 806-401-5942 and she is located at 4630 50th street #610 in Lubbock.

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