Ready or not it is here. It’s that time again for both parents and kids to get back in the routine for back to school. In this week’s Intentional Living we talk about some tips to help you and your child have a successful path into the school year.

Whether their summer was jam-packed with things to do or filled with the complaint of being bored, kids sometimes have a tough time making the back to school transition. And that goes for parents too. Here are five ways to get a jump start that will help you and your student have an easy transition.

#1 – Getting back in to a sleep routine. No more staying up late at night relaxing and watching shows or playing games. Dr. Chris Rose with Covenant Health says, “start putting them in bed at 9:45 for a couple of days and then at 9:30 for a few days and then make sure you are getting them up at the time you will need them up for school. That is the bigger issue.”

#2 – Shop for School Supplies together. This gives your student something to look forward to and something to get excited about and a way for them to show their personality.

#3 – Turn off the TV and video games. Electronics can be a big time killer. Looking at the screens of electronic devices for extended periods of time isn’t good for your eyes. Dr. Robert Weinstock says, “We don’t know the long term affects of the screen lighting does.”

#4 – Well here’s the kicker…Terri forgot number four and skipped to number five so that’s my bad.

#5 – Don’t forget to get your child’s yearly checkup! Dr. Jennifer Shu says, “getting this is essential for your child and what they are able to do in the classroom. Getting that eye test will guarantee they will be able to see the board.”

Just remember to encourage your child’s learning…not just at the beginning of the year but all year round. Have a happy and successful school year!