2021 is just a few days away, and we are all anxious for the new year to begin. Each year we all want to start off the best way possible. We take a look at a small change that will help you kick off the new year healthy!

Maybe you enjoyed the holidays a little too much or maybe it’s just part of what we have seen in 2020 and you might be looking for a way to do a reset for your body. Dry January may just be the thing for you. According to Lorelei Bandrovschi who is the founder of Listen Bar says, “there’s this kind of blind spot in culture where a lot of our social life, and a lot of our night life – is exclusively built around alcohol.”

The challenge started in the United Kingdom in 2013, and encourages people to give up alcohol from new years day to February 1st. Sponsored by alcohol change U-K, dry January is a way to reset your drinking habits and it could help you curb excessive drinking for more that just one month.

Recovering alcoholic Philip O’Hara says, “it’s a huge part of what’s driving this, you know, sober curious movement is, the amount of mental health and depression issues that people are realizing they can’t solve with substances.”

From a medical standpoint, this can only be a positive thing. Numerous studies have found that no amount of alcohol is good for your overall health. According to research published in the Journal Lancet, any benefits are offset by the increased risks of cancers and other diseases. Giving up booze for a while can have more immediate benefits as well. Like saving money by not buying those expensive drinks at the bar.

Plus, You’ll automatically be cutting calories. And since alcohol is known to slow down your metabolism, that could rev back up too. So give it a try! If you hate it, you can always grab a beer on February 2nd.