It’s been a tough year when it comes to socializing. With vaccines available, we talk to a local counselor to find out how we move forward with our friends and loved ones. Kristi Hosek, Licensed Counselor and Owner of Journey’s Counseling Center says, “I think the isolation has been just really difficult for everybody because even though the whole world has gone through the same situation we’re all experiencing it differently and the isolation makes us really feel alone.”

Talking on the phone, face timing loved ones, or talking to your friends into doing zoom calls, we are all ready to get to the new normal. Ms. Hosek explains why moving forward is so important. Telling us, “social interaction is super important and we encourage our people in whatever manner that they can do to interact with whoever it is, it’s important to them and so the way that people can do that is they can reach out to friends and discuss what they are comfortable doing and meet how they want to meet.”

Easing back into those precious relationships and making us al feel better, “probably a good idea to start small and make sure that everyone is on the same page and then as you’re comfortable you can kind of keep going and maybe have larger gatherings with more people around, just make sure that they are communicating every one’s comfort level so everyone involved is ok with the situation.”

Just don’t push anyone into socializing. Hosek reminds, “I think there is still a level of fear just because it’s been so unknown and we’re just figuring things out as we go, where they feel they are safe. It’s a sense of security for everyone and that is super important for all of us.”