Wish Wednesday: Jaydin gets a shopping spree to Amazon

Wish Wednesday

LUBBOCK, Texas — Wish kid Jaydin Galvan isn’t growing up in the late 90’s, but looking in his room, you wouldn’t know it.

He loves Super Mario, Kirby, and everything nostalgic.

“I was watching YouTube and I just found all this nostalgic stuff on there and that’s how I got into it.” said Jaydin.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with a kidney disease.

“He has Nephrotic syndrome. It’s kidney failure, and he’s currently on dialysis,” said Sylvia Ponce, Jaydin’s mom.

He’s had to spend months hospitalized for treatment.

“Before he got on dialysis, he was having seizures. That’s what took him to dialysis. He was in the hospital for about three months.” said Ponce.

So, when the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached him asking what he wanted for his one true wish.

“I was thinking of going to the Mall of America, but due to COVID we weren’t able to do that. So that’s why I chose the shopping spree.” said Jaydin.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation came up with the next best thing, a $2,000 dollar shopping spree to Amazon.

“I was excited because I didn’t know what I Was going to spend. I had so many choices and to have that much money.” said Jaydin.

He spent several days thinking about his options.

“He was on his phone for days just finding things.” said Jose Galvan, Jaydin’s dad.

Waiting for all his goodies wasn’t an easy task.

“He couldn’t wait. Everyday he’d be right there by the boxes just waiting. He would get something every single day. He’d wake up and try to figure out what he had got,” said Jose Galvan.

“I made him wait so he couldn’t open them until mostly everything came in. So it was like christmas for him,” said Ponce.

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