Wish Wednesday: Kaison turns five and his wish comes true thanks to lots of people on the South Plains

Wish Wednesday

Kaison Garza turned five this week, and his one wish was for everyone to send him a birthday cards.

The people of the South Plains and across the United States answered the call. Kaison received more than a thousand cards and letters over the last few weeks.

“We weren’t expecting none of this. We’ve been getting gifts in the mail too, he loves that.” said Traci Garza.

Kaison has been through a lot in five years. Before he was born, doctors told his mom he had Spina Bifida.

In August, his mom noticed something off when Kaison got up one morning. “The shunt popped out of his head and he had to have emergency surgery” said Garza.

During the hospital stay, there was only one thing Kaison wanted to keep his spirits up. “read them, read them all to him so I was the only person in there for him. There was only one person allowed. So it was dad sometimes and then me. When he got one hundred and eighty cards we sat there and read them all.” said Garza.

He was released from the hospital and is now back home in Snyder where the tradition continues. The whole family gathers in the living room and reads the cards to him.

 Soon, they’ll decorate his room with all the cards he recieved as he waits on his wish.

“First he wanted Disneyland then they canceled. So we asked what else he wanted and he picked a camper.” said Garza.

Kaison loves going to the lake and that’s just where they’ll go when they get the camper this fall.

But, this camper will be beneficial for him in so many other ways. “When we have to go stay in the hospital, they can stay in the camper outside they have places out there. So that’s going to help out a lot.” said Garza.

You can donate to Kaison’s medical bills here.

If you’d like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, just give them a call at 806-785-9474.

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