LUBBOCK, Texas — Students have that first day of school under their belt now. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has a great opportunity for students to do something nice for their classmates who may be going through a tough time through a program called Kids for Wish Kids. It puts students in the driver’s seat of giving back to Wish Kids.

They can help plan and organize events to celebrate kids who spend a lot of time getting treatment and visiting doctors.

Make-A-Wish typically partners with high schools and encourages the older kids to get their feeder schools involved in planned activities.

This is great for any leadership group on campus like student council or anyone who wants to give back.

“For the kiddos the wish kiddos who get to be celebrated during a wish week. They kind of become little celebrities at these schools,” said Emily O’brien, Community manager for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“They walk in and everyone knows them, and they just feel so celebrated and loved,” O’brien said. “There’s a whole community here cheering you on, that’s so cool. So, it’s a really special time for our wish kids to just be celebrated and to feel that love from the community.”

Students can get involved by calling the Make-A-Wish office at 806-785-9474. Or send an e-mail to