PLAINVIEW, Texas — The Coffee and Cars Club is a group of car lovers who get together every month, to show-and-tell about their engines, and they also raise money for great causes.

This month, the group teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to surprise high school senior Jayvian Lawson who wished for a revamped truck.

Lawson’s passion is playing basketball. He’s a standout player for the Plainview High School Bulldogs. During his freshman season, his mom noticed something wasn’t quite right.

“I was playing in a game one day and then my mom was like, ‘what is wrong with you?’ Giving the words of a mother,” Jayvian said. “And she was like, ‘you’re going to go to the doctor the next day.'”

At first, physicians in Plainview weren’t so sure what was going on.

“I asked her to run his blood – maybe he was anemic. She called us back an hour later and said her machines are broken that we needed to come back — she knew the labs didn’t match him,” Jayvian’s mother, Stephanie Lawson, said. “The day before Thanksgiving, she said ‘I’m pretty sure it’s broken, no big deal, have fun.’ [She] calls us maybe two hours later and says he needs to be rushed to the hospital.”

Jayvian’s parents brought him to Lubbock where doctor’s confirmed he had leukemia. His doctor then referred him to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At first, Jayvian was thinking about a trip.

“He thought about it for a long time and then he was like, ‘what about my truck? Can I get my truck redone?'” Stephanie said.

The truck in question was an old farm truck his dad bought from a friend.

“I bought it, and I mean it was a messed up pickup and we started working on it,” said Sandie Lawson, Jayvian’s dad.

The two sure had their work cut out for them. When Make-A-Wish got involved, they called in a few friends – the Coffee & Cars Club and Gene Messer – to see if they’d like to help.

“When we saw that truck, we thought it might be easier just to get a new one and start from there,” said Aaron Garrett with the Coffee & Cars Club. “But, you know, there’s some family sentimental value to it, so we wanted to keep it that way and renovate and get the one he wanted.”

Jayvian’s shiny, new red was truck un-recognizable from its beginnings. It was presented to him at the Coffee & Cars Club car show earlier this month. It took Gene Messer’s crew about two months to get it fixed up.

“Basically, we tore it down, took all the doors off, we did a color swap, a lot of body work — it was a big project,” an employee at Gene Messer said.

“[It has a] killer paint job, but a killer stereo system too, you know,” another employee said. “He’s going to be up there in Plainview shining.”

Jayvian isn’t the only one excited to see where the road will take him.

“[I] just like thank God just to see him smile every day,” Stephanie said. “He has a great smile.”

“Just to see what he has overcome — this has been a true blessing, you know,” Sandie said. “This has been a stamp on it.”

Jayvian graduates from Plainview High School in a few short weeks and has plans to play basketball in college.

If you’d like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, just give them a call at 806-785-9474