Wish Wednesday: Thomas watches Patrick Mahomes make it to the Super Bowl

Wish Wednesday

Starting on the Texas Tech campus, Brent and Kim Martinelli shared their love of the red and black with their two boys.

“Texas Tech is full of great people, and good vibe for football games.” said Brent.​

The Martinelli family makes the drive from Dallas to Lubbock to attend a Tech game every year.​

“We graduated a little while ago,” he said. “It’s changed quite a bit since we were there. All the new buildings they have. it seems like there’s a new building and new construction every time we go back.”

It was during these trips when they noticed a dynamic player — Patrick Mahomes.

​”Because I was a big fan when he was in college,” said Thomas Martinelli, wish kid.​ “We had to watch him a little bit to see how good he was and then we he did really good. We started liking him, and we became fast Cheifs’ fans.”

At 6-years-old, Thomas was diagnosed with Zellweger Spectrum Disorder, a genetic disorder. So when Make-a-Wish wanted to know what he wanted to do.

“Meet Patrick Mahomes.” Thomas said.

But, they didn’t know which game he would go to.​

“He wanted to meet Patrick Mahomes. They told us it could take a year, if they could make the wish happen that it would be next season. We got a call six weeks before and asked if we could make this game, and we did it was a great game,” Kim said.​

Thomas and his family flew down to Kansas City to see the Chiefs play in the AFC Championship game.

​”It was a close game, we were down in the first quarter by three touchdowns I think,” said Kim. “It was a nail biter but we came back. It was a great game.​”

“To see him have the best day of his life was just so fulfilling. The most amazing experience for all four of us. We’re so thankful to Make-A-Wish. It affects all of us,” said Kim.

​Of course, they rode in style to the game.

“We rode in a limo to the game. It was amazing!” said Gage, Thomas’ brother.​

The highlight might have been to meet Mahomes, and watch him play, but being able to share these moments with his parents and brother..

“It was cool, I like being with my family because we get to do lots of cool stuff, and I love them,” said Thomas.​

Proud parents, thankful their kids look up to someone who works hard and makes a difference.

​”He’s such a great role model and so its nice when your kids look up to someone that is presenting themselves in a manner that you would like your child to behave,” said Kim. ​

The Martinelli’s will always be fans of Texas Tech and their favorite NFL quarterback.

If you’d like to get involved with the make-a-wish foundation just give them a call at 806-785-9474.​ https://affordablestoragelubbock.com/community/​

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