Wish Wednesday: Yosi Takes Her First Barrel Racing Class

Wish Wednesday

LUBBOCK, TEXAS — Yosi Trejo’s wish is to get a barrel racing horse, but before she welcomes her new best friend home, she’s got to take some lessons.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation sent her to Rockin J Performance horses for lessons.

“I was asked to teach barrel lessons, to try and make sure this is something she wants to do, and is obviously good enough to do. She did great today.” said Jessica Frost, the instructor.

Yosi said she hopes to follow in the footsteps of world champion barrel racer Fallon Taylor.​

“On YouTube, I’ve been watching Fallon Taylor. She’s a barrel racer. I got inspired and I wanted to do it.” she said.

She ultimately wants to take her new horse to the rodeo.​

“It was a good experience. A little scared and nervous but it was good.” Yosi said​.

Jessica Frost, with Rockin J performance horses, a barrel racer herself. Is helping her through the process.​

“Just making sure barrel races is the route she wants to go and she can handle it” said Frost.​

Discovering what kind of horse is best will take some time.​

“Honestly, it’s a lot of time. What she likes mares or gelding, big or small, the color the way they turn. said Frost, “some are left handed some are right handed.”​

“I’m looking for a kind of tall horse. Either chocolate brown or black and pretty much that’s it.” said Yosi.​

It’s not as simple as finding the perfect height and color, though.​

“Finding one that matches her speed [is important]. Hopefully one she can grow with and ride super fast,” Frost said. “When it’s your first barrel horse you kind of have to start off a bit slower so you can pick up speed, and understanding the turn. Maybe we can find one that can start slow and grow with her and get to be as fast as she wants.”​

Yosi is also getting a better understanding of the sport.​

“Barrel racing is a little different. You do go fast and have to turn and think straight all at the same time.” said Frost. ​

With Yosi’s thirst for speed, and attention to her horse and sport, Frost says, she’s making progress.​

“Hope we can find her the right one and she can come ride here until we do, and keep getting better and better.”​

If you’d like to take riding lessons, contact Jessica on her Facebook page.​

If you’d like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation just give them a call at 806-785-9474.​

Wish Wednesday is sponsored by Michael Postar’s Affordable Storage. ​

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