LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock man Ricardo Chavez also known as DJ RickyRi is the first Hispanic DJ for the Texas Tech Athletics department.

Chavez spoke with on Saturday about the responsibilities of the position, how the growth of Lubbock is changing the DJ industry and the pressures that came with the job with having a Hispanic background.

“I do feel pressure coming from a Hispanic background. I was always more into the Hispanic culture, Hispanic music and Latin music. Entering [DJ] battles I learned to have an open mind when it comes to music,” Chavez said.

He also spoke of how the position has made him more of a role model in the Lubbock DJ community.

“I always tell people I don’t see myself as bigger than another person. I do get people that come up to me that say ‘I want to be like you.’ and I used to be in their position,” Chavez said. “I used to look up to other people and go to bars and clubs just to hear someone else play and then go home and try to reenact what they made.”

Chavez said that since Lubbock has grown in size in recent years, there is now a need for more DJs in Lubbock to accommodate its growth. He shared about uncommon the job was just a few years ago.

“It wasn’t common a few years ago. I have been seeing a few people that grow to love and be interested in the craft and taking a bit of an interest and trying to see if they end up going somewhere with it,” Chavez said.

Chavez gave words of advice for those who are interesting in pursuing a career of being a DJ.

“Honestly just anybody can do it, if you have the drive to. It all starts with having the passion for music, getting the feel of a crowd, reading the crowd and just going with it,” Chavez said.