LUBBOCK, Texas — A first generation Mexican American Firefighter told KLBK News about her roots and how her heritage has made her a humble and hardworking first responder today.

Angelica Aldape, equipment operator on Lubbock Fire Rescue, Quint 16, is one of three Hispanic female firefighters with Lubbock Fire Rescue. asked Aldape what being a Hispanic Latina means to her.

“My culture is very important to me, because my parents worked hard to, to get to the United States. And they worked very hard their entire lives, to build a life for themselves to build a life for me and my brother and sister.” Aldape said.

Both of Aldape’s parents came from Mexico and have always been hardworking people that persevere.

“Your family comes first. And for us, we worked together, we we hung out together. We did everything together as a family, because that’s the way the Mexican culture is,” Aldape said.

Aldape has taken her culture and instilled it into her work.

She started off as an EMS Paramedic and with working alongside the Fire Department ,it was a no brainer that it was where she belonged.

“I believe that’s in our Mexican culture to help and fix and lend a hand at whatever,” Aldape said.

Whether its in her work or in her culture, she admires who she is everyday.

“It can be done. It doesn’t matter if you are five foot two female working in the fire department or you know 18 year old boy that needs a little direction in life. If if you have a goal. Work hard, and you’ll get there,” Aldape said.

She continues to spread the blaze that lives in her forever as a Latina.

“I want people that grew up like me, to know that there are things to do besides waiting tables, or cooking in a restaurant or doing anything that they’re doing right now. And they don’t see this being possible. And I want little girls, little boys that grew up like I did to know that you can, but it is possible do it to to be what you want to be.”

She also shared a special message to her family as she’ll never forget where her roots started.

“Quiero que mi familia especialmente mi mama y mi papa sean orgullosos de mi porque todo lo que es por ellos por sus crencias sus ensenanzas su buen ejemplo.”

“Si Se Puede.” Aldape said.