LUBBOCK, Texas — Alexis Guzman, 30, a woman from Lubbock took her passion for pets to the next level with a mobile pet boutique “Bandana & Boujee” about three years ago. She said the business has been doing great ever since.

According to Guzman, after she had a total hysterectomy done, she fell into a state of depression. So she took pride in doing things for her dogs, like making them bandanas.

“My dogs are my kids, they saved me from that depression,” Guzman said.

Her stepdad taught her how to sew and soon after her business was born. Guzman started selling handmade pet bandanas, treats and accessories under a canopy and later moved her business to a cargo trailer.

“Now we ship to over 20 states, we also ship subscription boxes,” Guzman said.

Bandana and Boujee also has products in local stores such as Rustic Class Boutique, Caffeination Station, Hebrews Coffee and Doggone Beautiful. Guzman is a community activist as she carries items from other woman-owned businesses, including a little girl who makes clay bracelets, to help them grow. She also donates to local animal shelters.

“Your heart and mind have to be in your business, in your culture,” said Guzman.

The business does a lot of pop-ups and will host one at Cardinals this weekend, Guzman said.

For more information about the business, visit Bandana & Boujee’s Facebook page.