LUBBOCK, Texas — Mexican Independence Day celebrated on September 16th and the students at Wolffarth Elementary school learned about the history with a visit from Lubbock High Ballet Folklorico.

The Wildcats can relate Mexican Independence Day to 4th of July. “I really liked the colors that the flag is, and I just really like dancing.” Rudy said. They understood the culture, the food and the music as its celebrated all over the world.

“Father, hidalgo rang the church bell to gather his people and tell them that we need to rise against Spain, and we need to fight for our country and become independent.” Vanessa Barboza-Silvas, Principal Fellow at Wolffarth Elementary said.  

Barboza-Silvas said it’s “our’ roots and it’s important that they [students] understand the beauty of who we are and where we came from. They enjoyed a ballet folklorico performance from Lubbock High.

“I think for some for many students are like, whoa, didn’t they like the colors and all of the things just didn’t it’s just such an intricate and unique style of dancing. it’s also the music behind it and what the what the music is saying, and it’s a celebration, and it’s a joyous feeling,” Vanessa said.

The question is why it is important that we continue to pass along the history and share the culture. 

“I feel like a little bit has been lost. And when they learn about, they’re like, oh, my gosh, I didn’t know this, like, I’m like, it’s so it’s like the Fourth of July and like, we celebrate that we’re American, and I’m proud to be American. But there’s also a part of me, that’s Mexican. And we also have a story. And we have a history, and it needs to be celebrated as well,” Vanessa said.

“I learned that this day even existed because I really didn’t know that it existed until today,” Rudy said.