Intentional Living - Stitching 4 Comfort

Intentional Living – Stitching 4 Comfort23 days agoLubbock, TX —Read More »

Intentional Living - Happy Marriages

Local NewsIntentional Living – Happy Marriages37 days agoWe know the saying ‘happy wife – happy life’, well now study results show that having a happy spouse leads to a longer life.Read More »

Intentional Living - Digital Detox

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Digital Detox42 days agoLubbock, Texas– According to an article fro 2017 in the Huffpost, we will each spend over eleven years of our lives watching a screen. Be that a TV watching your favorite shows or on your phone or computer scrolling through social media.Read More »

Intentional Living - Massage

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Massage87 days agoEvery week we talk about taking control of your own life and living intentionally. The definition of this is very different from what it was twenty years ago. As women, doing things for yourself were considered luxuries. Now things like, working out, doing yoga, meditating or even going to get a massage are necessities.Read More »

Intentional Living - Meditation

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Meditation94 days agoDo you want more inner peace? To feel less stressed and anxious? And be happier? This week’s Intentional Living we talk to a certified meditation teacher about the basics of meditation.Read More »

Intentional Living - Journaling

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Journaling108 days agoHere is a blast from the past…Dear Diary. I know you are probably rolling your eyes, but stay with me. In this week’s Intentional Living, how going back to what we used to do as kids can actually help your health.Read More »

Intentional Living - Ketamine for Severe Depression

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Ketamine for Severe Depression115 days agoDepression is the leading cause of disability in the United State among people ages 15-44. This week’s Intentional Living focuses on a not so new drug for depression that is now gaining more traction for those who are resistant to the typical meds.Read More »

Intentional Living - Financial Resolutions

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Financial Resolutions142 days agoWe are fully into the new year and that means getting your health and fitness back on track. But what about your finances? If money resolutions are not on your list, experts say they should be.Read More »

Intentional Living - Toy Safety

KLBK NewsIntentional Living – Toy Safety171 days agoGiving gifts to children during the holidays and seeing their eyes light up with joy, something every parent loves to see. Before you get those presents wrapped or send a list to Santa, here are some things you need to remember.Read More »

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