Lubbock Fire Rescue provided an update concerning Matt Dawson Tuesday morning via Dawson’s wife.

Dawson was critically hurt on January 11 when he and other firefighters responded to a crash in North Lubbock. While they were on scene, there was a second crash. The second crash not only hurt Dawson but also took the life of LFR Lieutenant Eric Hill and Lubbock Police Officers Nicholas Reyna.

The following is the update on Dawson:

Matt has been doing well since the move to the long term facility. He is usually most “active” in the mornings right now. He has started being able to nod yes and no to some questions during that time. Although he is “awake” during that time, it is not a super conscious awake state. He will not remember any of this.

All of Matt’s surgeries are healing well. His surgeries included: Rods to correct the right fractured tibfib and left femur (these are there permanent); a plate for his shattered right wrist (this will come out eventually); and his face is currently wired down at his jaw in his mouth to let those fractures heal (we will switch to rubber bands at some point and then it will all be removed). His broken ribs and right fractured clavicle should heal on their own. Matt still does not have his right skull bone flap. This will be put back in at a later date. Matt is also off the ventilator completely and just on a t-piece with oxygen. The trach will stay for a while, just so they don’t have to re-intubate if needed.

The Drs seem to be very positive about his progress so far, although we still have a very long road ahead. We do not have a timeframe yet, but the next step will be to eventually go to a Brain Rehab Facility. We have chosen one out of state, in Colorado, that is supposed to be one of the best! This has been a very scary decision for me and our families, with eventually leaving our huge support system, but this facility can do amazing things for people in Matt’s condition.

I will keep everyone updated as I know more on when we may be going to Colorado or as he progresses more. You have all been so amazing with your support to us and the other families during this whole process. We love you all!

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