LUBBOCK, Texas – When COVID-19 hit, it caused a lot of people to be temporarily out of work. That means, the South Plains Food Bank is helping even more people than before.

“For the next eight weeks, I know our food resources are good, we’ve got good inventory. If we go 12 weeks out and things don’t change a lot and I’m a little worried,” said David Weaver, The South Plains Food Bank CEO.

In the last six weeks, the food bank has increased distribution by 60 percent while also changing the way it gives out the food to make sure everyone is safe, like having volunteers wear a mask and wash hands.

“Need to fill out a questionnaire form for us, their temperature will be checked and we do not need a lot of volunteers. We just need about 12 volunteers per shift per day,” Weaver said.

Weaver says 75 percent of their rural agencies have suspended operations so the food bank is doing more mobile pantries.

“It is really becoming the best practice for the rest of the country right now because it does minimize contact between families that are needing food assistance and our volunteers and our staff,” Weaver said.

The best way to help the food bank right now is to donate. All you do is go to their website here and click donate now.

“What just humbles me is people clicking on the button, here’s $5, here’s $10 and it’s because we have a lot of people in our community that do that. That has always allowed the food thing to serve our community as well as it has,” Weaver said.