LUBBOCK, Texas– In just the last week, two mass shootings devastated the nation. Meanwhile in Lubbock, a threat of a third shooting was thwarted just in time thanks to a concerned grandmother.

Bryan Carr, a licensed psychologist said the root issue is the community’s ability to connect.

“Now we are so mobile. You are lucky if you know the people on the other side of you,” he said.

According to an updated report, William Williams, 19, called his grandmother on July 13, 2019 and told her he wanted to “shoot up” the Lubbock hotel he was staying. He had an AK-47 and multiple magazines in the hotel, a court complaint stated.

His grandmother convinced Williams to get admitted at Covenant Medical Center. He was later charged with knowingly making a false statement while attempting to purchase a firearm.

His grandmother told an off-duty Lubbock Police officer at Covenant that Williams was in the military for approximately a year before he was honorably discharged for “suicidal tendencies,” according to a police report.

Records we obtained also showed documents officers found chronicling William’s ‘depression disorder and anti-depressant medication.’

Carr said not all signs are obvious, but there are things to look out for if someone is distressed.

“Particularly, if you can see other peripheral stresses–job stress, financial stress, health stress,’ he said.

Another sign, while he said may not always be obvious, includes discussing or hinting at detrimental actions.

“Sometimes it catches us all unexpectedly but sometimes you see the clouds gather and realize we need to reach and seek help and ask for help,” said Carr.

However, to tackle the root issue, he said it is important everyone in the community learn to be more aware and understanding.

“We are working jobs and get busy with things, but there’s not substitute for it,” he said. “So reach out. Get to know people, get to know your neighbors, get to know your kids and grand kids.”

Full details on his case here.

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