Mysterious liquid found inside 2,000-year-old pot

Mystery Wire

MYSTERY WIRE — It is quite the discovery that was recently made in China. Archeologists found a swan shaped unbroken piece of pottery.

At the top of the pot, it is shaped like the neck and head of a swan. The archeologists unearthed the pot in China’s Henan Province in a tomb and it was found alongside several other artefacts.

But it’s what’s inside the swan pot that has the scientists excited. They found 3,000 ml, a little more than 101 oz. of a yellowish-brown liquid inside the pot.

During the initial examination they could not determine what the liquid is. It is now undergoing chemical analysis.

The archaeologists say the tomb dates back to the late-Qin (221-206 BC) or early-Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and may be the final resting place for a low-level official.

Alongside the pot was a bronze helmet, a bronze basin and a number of iron and jade swords. It is not uncommon for archaeologists to find artifacts like this placed together from this time frame. But it is unusual to find liquid.

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