LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police arrested two men, Romando Martinez, 30, and Samuel Mixon, 40, for the armed robbery of Dollar General at 1621 82nd Street on the night of January 9. However, the two were tied to other recent cases.

“The driver of [a white 2013 Lexus GX 460], a black male later identified as Samuel Mixon, exits the vehicle and enters the business where he selects several items and purchases them before returning to the vehicle,” Mixon’s warrant said.

A short while later, the warrant said, once the parking lot and the business had emptied out, the driver moved the car closer to the entrance. Officers were able to get surveillance video which was then quoted in the warrant.

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“… A masked Hispanic male carrying a bolt action shotgun with a sawed-off butt stock is seen exiting the vehicle and entering Dollar General. This Hispanic male, later identified as Romando Martinez, then approaches the register and points the firearm at … the employee working the register and demands the cash from the till.”

A police report said Martinez pointed the sawed-off shotgun at the store clerk’s face.

With Mixon still driving the Lexus, the two then drove away. Mixon and Martinez were then identified through six other cases, the warrant said.

Those cases included theft from a store on December 26; armed robbery at a business on January 5; armed robbery of a store on January 7; armed robbery of a store on January 9; armed robbery of a store on January 11; and theft of a package from a home on January 12.

All the cases were in Lubbock. The various police reports did not say if both men were involved in all six of the related crimes. In each armed robbery case, the police report said a robber pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money.

A seventh police report said Martinez was arrested on January 19 in the 1100 block of 58th Street. Mixon was located and arrested a short time later in the 5300 block of 48th Street.

Both Martinez and Mixon remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Tuesday afternoon on multiple charges including Aggravated Robbery. Martinez’s bonds totaled $222,000 while Mixon’s bonds totaled $220,000.

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SPECIAL NOTE: There was a robbery at the Kwik Mart on January 19 roughly two hours before the arrest of Martinez and Mixon. We will try to find out if the case is related.