LEVELLAND and ABILENE, Texas — Friday is the two-year anniversary of the of Jeannie Quinn case. She was reported missing from Levelland on April 15, 2018 and found dead on April 17 in a wooded area in Abilene. Police at the time said the crime scene was staged as a fake hanging.

Months later, police named Ricky Don Henderson of Levelland as the “person of interest” in the case.

On Friday morning, Abilene Police tweeted, “Do you have info. on the homicide of Jeannie Quinn? APD continues to work her homicide.”

Abilene Police also said on Twitter, “There’s a $12,400 reward offered by family.”

Henderson was arrested on unrelated charges out of Taylor County. In December, Henderson took a 20-year plea deal in Hockley County for delivering a controlled substance to a minor.

“This was also a result of Jeannie’s homicide investigation,” Quinn’s family said in a written statement.

The statement last week also said, “Although our family is pleased that Ricky Don Henderson is in Prison and he will not be able to hurt and kill anyone in the future, we are disgusted that he has not answered to Jeannie’s murder.”

“We will never give up and we are determined to have him charged and convicted for Jeannie’s murder,” the Quinn family said.

Henderson’s wife, Stephanie Meeks, mysteriously disappeared in 1993 and has not been found.

Anyone with information on the Quinn murder case can call Abilene Police at 325-673-8331 or 325-676-6598.

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