LUBBOCK, Texas- Texas Tech University is releasing a new documentary, “From Here…A Texas Tech Story,” highlighting the schools Centennial.

The hour-long film, written, directed and produced by 2017 alumni Weston Davis, was a labor of love, he said, during the eight months of creating the storyline.

“I have a lot more school spirit now than I ever did, just from of all the amazing stories that came out of this university,” Davis said. “The things that we did that has made such a global impact.”

The documentary answers questions such as, “When did the masked rider make its first ride?” and “What does ‘Tech’ really mean?”

The La Ventana yearbooks, dating back to 1926, helped tell the story of the Raider legacy.

“I really wanted to make sure it had the right kind of feel for Texas Tech, but I didn’t really know as much,” Davis said. “So, I really had to dive into La Ventanas, and the Southwest Collection all these types of avenues for researching. Through that process I learned a lot more about my alma mater.”

The film, mainly narrated by Andy Wilkinson, has a mixture of interviews, footage and photos.

“Definitely a good amount of pressure just making sure that I am telling Texas Techs story in a way that’s accurate, respectful and can be really meaningful for Texas Tech Centennial,” Davis said. “It really opened my eyes to what we are capable of as Red Raiders.”

The free screening will premiere February 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the Helen Devitt Jones Auditorium.