$28 million owed to people in Lubbock, state comptroller says (are you one of them?)


LUBBOCK, Texas – EverythingLubbock.com recently asked the State Comptroller’s Office for information about unclaimed money owed to people in Lubbock and other parts of Texas. Here’s what we found.

There is currently over $28 million worth of unclaimed property outstanding for people in Lubbock alone.

To be exact, unclaimed property for the city comes out to $28,781,481.82 totaling 370,514 properties, said Kevin Lyons, spokesman for the Texas Comptroller Office.

An unclaimed property could be a deposit to an electric utility company or even money sitting in an old bank account that was never claimed, said Lyons.

“After a certain amount of time, those financial institutions have to turn that money over to the Texas Comptroller’s office,” he said.

Average claim amount paid statewide$1,081.26
Average claim paid to Lubbock$1,145.40

Lyons added that the claims paid to Lubbock are entities with a Lubbock address, and their properties could be from anywhere else they lived.

“Both these figures include all types of entities, corporations, partnerships, nonprofits, governmental too– not just individuals,” said Lyons. “This is across many years, [and] there are no date limits on these figures.”

He wants to reassure anyone searching their name on the site can rest assured that this isn’t a scam to get personal information.

“It is real,” said Lyons. “People don’t realize that it’s not some scam. The good thing is we re-did the site a couple of years ago.”

If anyone has unclaimed property, they just have to upload documents, like an ID, proving they are the original owner of said property.

“It’s a really fast way,” said Lyons. “You can usually get (the money) pretty fast.”

“I got an e-mail saying my claim was approved, and I’m supposed to have my check within 10 days,” said Stefani Langford.

She told EverythingLubbock.com that she claimed $170 from a 2012 property.

Lyons added that there is no statute of limitations, meaning that the unclaimed property doesn’t expire.

For anyone who would like to find out if they have unclaimed property, they can go to claimittexas.org.

“We’ll make sure you get that property as soon as possible,” said Lyons.

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