Lubbock, Texas — The Texas Tech Saddle Tramps have been making Red Raider spirit happen since 1936.

Jacob Mraz, President of the Saddle Tramps for the 2023-24 academic school year said the spirit organization was founded by a tech student, Arch Lamb, to keep the Red Raider spirit going in a fun and respectable manner.

Mraz explains how the group started with 13 members in 1936 but fast forward to 2023, the total number of members in the Saddle Tramps is now 70.

Wrapping up Will Rogers and Soapsud in red for home games to homecoming bonfires and ringing the victory bells after each win, the Saddle Tramps are the reason behind it.

Mraz said, “Ever since the late 1960s, we’ve been wrapping Will Rogers in red for every home game. Everything that we do, we have a hand in some way, in almost every tradition here at Texas Tech and there’s there’s no getting more Texas Tech or being a bigger Red Raider fan than being a part of the Saddle Tramp.”

Mraz said they do a lot for Tech but also, they do a lot of events outside of campus.

Mraz said the organization does charity events and helps nonprofit organizations with what they may be needing.

But that does not stop the Saddle Tramps from helping the school.

Mraz explains the different types of fundraising they have been involved in that many may not know such about as the seal at the entrance and the Dairy Barn remodeling.

What Mraz said is important about the organization is its traditions.

“I enjoy every minute that I’m on the football field cheering on the team or on the basketball court, you know,” said Mraz, “the stuff we do for basketball and on the baseball field and ring the Victory Bells is always a special treat that we get to do whenever we win.”