Ace of Texas provides tips on protesting your home appraisal


LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, Gary Adrian, owner and registered property tax consultant, spoke to with tips on protesting a property appraisal from the Lubbock Center Appraisal District.

Adrian said this time of year, their phones are ringing constantly. He said the percentage of increase in property values this year is the highest he’s seen while in the business.

“We’re seeing new values come out, and of course we’ve started taking a lot of phone calls from our concerned clients. It’s a little bit more than you expected,” Adrian said.

The Lubbock Association of Realtors reports there is a 9.5 percent increase for homeowners over last year, but Adrian said the average may be lower.

“The property valuations probably gonna be a little bit closer to seven or seven and a half [percent] because it equals out some of the neighborhoods that didn’t go down,” Adrian said.

Adrian said the figure may be hard to swallow, but with 10 years at LCAD himself, he said they’re not just drawing numbers.

“They are not the enemy. This is not something arbitrary that they do. It’s actually scientific,” Adrian said.

Despite the pandemic, the real estate market in Lubbock remained strong, causing values to go up with increase in demand. However, if you feel your appraisal is too high, LCAD encourages folks to protest their appraisal.

It begins with a form available on LCAD’s website.

Adrian suggests filling out contact information with an email and a phone number, and when you find out when your hearing is going to be, request all information that will be presented at the hearing.

“Law says they have to give it to you. You have two weeks to look it over,” Adrian said.

If you do go to the formal hearing, come prepared.

“Make sure you’ve got your evidence, make sure they understand it and can present it properly,” Adrian said.

Photos can be very helpful, so bring multiple copies to hand out, and go in with a good attitude.

“Make your case. That’s the best thing you can do is prove that you’re value is not as much as lcad says it is,” Adrian said.

For more information on Ace of Texas, visit their website.

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