Air Conditioner shortage due to supply chain issues


LUBBOCK, Texas — One local air conditioning company is facing the consequences of air conditioning shortages due to supply chain issues around the world.

Mark Branscome, operations manager at Lowery plumbing, heating and Air conditioning, says that multiple areas hold raw materials such as copper, aluminum, plastic and steel that are needed.

“There was a fire and semiconductor chip plant in Japan which caused a lot of semiconductor issues,” Branscome said.

With the demand and the low production Branscome says he has seen the market expand.

“We saw about 30 percent of the marketplace expand because of COVID and customers buying up power, so all around the air conditioner market increased about 30 percent,” Branscome said.

As Lowery saw the demand and production change in the shortage, they started storing up some supplies and assets of the equipment and parts.

“If you are getting high-efficiency equipment, it’s more difficult because it is in more demand but in less production,” Branscome said. “The lower efficiency equipment, the more easier it’d be to get but is in higher production.”

Lowery Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning wanted to remind everyone to take care of their air conditioner and change their filters, get it regularly checked, and maintenance by a trained professional so it lasts a little longer.

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