PETERSBURG and SAN ANGELO, Texas – An Amber Alert was issued by Petersburg Police early Friday morning for Nicholas Perez, age 4. Nicholas was said to be last seen in Lubbock with a 21-year-old woman. The Amber Alert said Nicholas was thought to be in immediate or grave danger.

It turns out, the child was safe all along.

Police in San Angelo received a phone call from the mom at 8:45 a.m. and requested officers to come to her location. Officers confirmed that Nicholas was okay.

Police did not take the mom or the child into custody. Police did call Childrens Protective Services just to double check the situation. Once CPS arrived, San Angelo Police officers left.

A court order filed in Lubbock in 2016 showed the mom, Marciela Amanda Perez, did have custody, and in 2017 the biological father was ordered to pay child support. If the mother’s right to custody was revoked or modified after that time, it was not reflected Friday morning in the Lubbock County court records. reached out to the Petersburg Police Chief, Brandon Thurman. When asked if the Amber Alert was “hastily sent,” his response was “yes sir.”

When asked if the person who contacted Petersburg Police might face charges if it was a false police report, Thurman said “possibly.”

“We issued the alert just in case,” Thurman said. “We didn’t know where the child is. We started working from there.”

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One requirement of the Amber Alert system in Texas is: “a preliminary investigation verified the abduction and eliminated alternative explanations for the child’s disappearance.”