LUBBOCK, Texas — obtained the warrant filed against John David Martinez, 32. Martinez was arrested Tuesday on a charge of Burglary of Habitation with Intent to Commit Other Felony. In a written statement, Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office accused Martinez of trying to kidnap a 9-year-old girl from a home in Lubbock County.

According to the warrant, the Sheriff’s Officer arrived at the house on the 5000 block of North County Road 1770 and made contact with the victim’s mother. The mother said the victim was sleeping on the living room couch. The mother said she woke up to the victim screaming, followed by the sound of a shattering window.

According to the warrant, the victim said she woke up as a male was touching her inappropriately, and began to scream. The male whispered, “don’t scream, please don’t tell anyone,” and picked her up. He began carrying her toward a bedroom on the west side of the residence, that was used for storage.

The victim said she screamed again and was able to get away from the male, who jumped out of the window, causing it to shatter, the warrant said.

The victim said she did not look at the man’s face, but said she believed her neighbor, “JD,” was the man in question. According to police records, John David Martinez lives near the victim’s residence.

Martinez currently has an Online Solicitation of a Minor case pending in court after a 2018 incident. He has been arrested in the past on Sexual Assault of a Child charges in 2011, but in 2015 the charges were downgraded to Injury of a Child, which he pleaded guilty to. He served two years in state prison as a result of that charge.

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