AUSTIN (KXAN) — Gov. Greg Abbott is warning all Texans to be prepared for more anticipated flooding on the way. 

“During this weekend, rain will be focused over South Texas and then early to mid-next week, another more organized round of rain is expected to move through the state with heavy rain potential as well as a few strong storms,” Abbott said during a briefing Friday afternoon. 

South Texas, all the way up to Corpus Christi’s surrounding regions, is going to be experiencing a lot of flooding with the forecasted rain. 

“There could be very hazardous flooding coming your way soon,” Abbott said. 

Abbott says state agencies expect river flooding to the moderate to major flood stage with big concerns on the Guadalupe, Llano, Colorado, Nueces, Brazos, as well as points on the Trinity down from the Dallas area in the coming days. He’s added 36 more counties to his state disaster declaration, that originally consisted of 18 counties. 

Officials are also working with representatives to determine if the latest flooding throughout Texas will be a federally-declared disaster. 

“In order for us to make that assessment, it’s very important for local officials to provide all relevant information to the Texas Department Of Emergency Management as quickly as possible,” Abbott said. 

There are ongoing efforts to ensure affected residents of the most recent flooding are getting the help they need. Emergency first responders, rescuers and health care providers are among the people assisting communities.