LUBBOCK, Texas — On Friday Bart Reagor filed a counterclaim against Vista Bank. Vista sued Reagor in March claiming the Reagor Dykes companies borrowed $3 million and Mr. Reagor personally guaranteed the debt. Reagor Dykes filed for bankruptcy in August 2018.

Three Reagor Dykes employees, including former CFO Shane Smith, were charged with federal crimes.

Ford Motor Credit Company accused Reagor Dykes of floor-plan fraud. A floor plan is a certain kind of loan for auto dealerships. At least three Lubbock banks made public allegations of check kiting against Reagor Dykes. Kiting is a way of making an account look like it has money when really it does not.

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“Vista Bank admits check kiting occurred in relation to this Loan.” The counter-claims said, “Despite knowing about the check-kiting scheme, Vista Bank failed to inform Reagor.”

“Vista Bank chose, instead, to reap the profit from hundreds of thousands of dollars in account analysis and overdraft fees, and then push the losses to Reagor when the scheme went bad,” the counter claim said.

“Vista Bank knew exactly what was going on,” the counter-claim said. “Vista Bank conspired with Shane Smith and others to induce Reagor to, among other things, sign the Guaranty.” contacted a lawyer for Vista Bank for comment.

“Respectfully, this filing [by Bart Reagor] doesn’t merit a comment,” he said.