Bart Reagor on trial, first step is jury selection

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Bart Reagor goes on trial starting Monday morning on charges of bank fraud and false statement to a bank. Reagor was co-owner of the Reagor Dykes Auto Group which collapsed into bankruptcy in August 2018 amid accusations of fraud and default. Fifteen former employees were charged with federal crimes.

Reagor maintained his innocence.

The process begins with jury selection, more specifically a process called voir dire. During voir dire, attorneys sort though a jury pool and ask questions. The answers can sometimes disqualify a person from continuing on and serving on the jury.

As of 8:00 a.m. Monday, prosecutors had not filed a written statement with proposed questions. The defense team did file proposed questions.

They include, “Has any potential juror seen/read/heard/discussed any publicity about this
case or any related case?” Also, “If so, have you formed an opinion about the guilt or innocence of Mr. Reagor?”

The defense team also wants to ask potential jurors, “Have you or anyone you know done business with any Reagor Dykes related automobile dealership?”

Also on the list of questions, “What is your opinion about car dealers?”

The defense team also wants to ask “If the government does not meet its burden, will anyone have any problem with voting to acquit Bart Reagor?”

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At issue in the trial, did Reagor divert portions of a bank loan from Reagor Dykes to his own personal account? Reagor freely admits he took money out of Reagor Dykes after the business took out a loan from IBC Bank – more specifically $1.7 million. His lawyers argue there was nothing illegal about it.

Prosecutors said in court records that the loan was not used according to the terms of loan agreement.

Reagor will not be allowed to tell the jury that Rick Dykes also took money from the company right after the IBC Bank loan.

The trial will be held in Amarillo. While Reagor Dykes was based in Lubbock, the case was prosecuted by the FBI office and US Department of Justice office in Amarillo.

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