BROWNFIELD, Texas — acquired public records which show Brian Brisendine was paid three months of salary by the Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation, which was created by and overseen by the City of Brownfield, after his arrest for federal child pornography charges.

Specifically, he was paid a gross $20,988.26 after entering into a separation agreement with the BIDC. The amount does not include deductions such as taxes.

The $20,988.26 amount did not include 200 hours of accrued vacation pay, according to the documents.

Brisendine, 43, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for Receipt and Distribution of Child Pornography. He signed a plea deal March 28 and was sentenced September 9.

Before his resignation, Brisendine was the Executive Director for the Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation.

Brisendine was arrested January 19 in Terry County. Brisendine signed his separation agreement with Brownfield on January 27.

BIDC agreed to pay Brisendine “a severance payment equal to three months’ salary plus benefits” through April 29. The benefits included $600 for a car allowance and $100 for a cell phone allowance given every other paycheck.

As part of the agreement, Brisendine was considered terminated immediately but he still had to make himself available to answer questions about day to day business at the Brownfield IDC.

The agreement was not be considered an admission of wrongdoing by Brisendine or by Brownfield.