LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas State Representative Dustin Burrows of Lubbock spoke to KAMC News on Monday about the report released Sunday on the Robb Elementary School shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers.

Burrows said the report purposefully did not use the shooter’s name because the attacker wanted notoriety.

“We did not use his name in this report, we would not have used his image in what we actually showed, because he does not deserve to get what he wanted,” he said.

Burrows said another reason the report did not use the shooter’s name was to prevent communities online from being able to glorify his actions.

Burrows said the criticisms of the school district were put in so other school districts can learn from what happened.

“I do think there are a lot of schools around the state and around the country where they have these good policies … But I think out of convenience, and that false sense of security, that does not happen on a day-to-day basis,” Burrows said.

Burrows said he did not want to speak on any specific policy changes that could happen and instead let the report “speak for itself” out of respect for the committee and the families of victims.

He said he would share his ideas on what policy changes could be made at a later time.

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