LUBBOCK, Texas – Because graduation ceremonies are going on this weekend, families of those graduates will have a hard time finding places to stay, eat, and even rent a car. 

However, more visitors in town means more business… and more business is good for Lubbock’s economy. Those who plan ahead for graduation start earlier in the year. For those at Pioneer Pocket Hotel, rooms start getting booked by mid February.

Tiffany Walker, the Community Director for the hotel, explained, “Come May we kind of get a panic from those that didn’t pre-book and the waitlist forms. So it’s one of those times that you wish you had extra rooms.”

“Most of our cars reserve two or three weeks in advance, sometimes a month… Sometimes a year, they know when their kids are going to graduate so they’re trying to get their car ready to rent,” said David Miller with Budget Car Rental. 

It’s this spike in visitors that benefits the Lubbock economy in many ways. Those with the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance said that minus a few rooms and a few hotels, Lubbock is full the entire week.

There will be various commencement ceremonies taking place over the weekend at the United Supermarkets Arena. That information can be found here.