LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report on Monday provided new information about a deadly crash which happened Friday morning at 82nd Street and Slide Road. Police said the driver of a car was pronounced dead on the scene. She was later identified as Danielle Walton, 36.

A police report said officers talked with witnesses after the crash. The witnesses told police that Walton “attempted to make a U-turn when [she] was hit.”

“[Two witnesses] stated they weren’t sure what exactly [Walton] was trying to do or direction [she] was going,” the police report said.

Her car was first hit by an SUV, then there was a secondary collision with a pickup truck.

Another witness said the driver of the car was “acting strange” at 98th Street and Slide prior to the crash. The car did not move at first when the light turned green, so this witness honked to get her to move. She then began driving north along Slide.

Police released names Monday in a statement made separately from the police report.