LUBBOCK, Texas — CASA of the South Plains aims to serve as volunteer advocates for the best interest of children in the foster care system.

Today, the organization celebrated 30 years with a ribbon cutting at its office building with community members who have been a part of the organization over the years.

Marketing and development director, Stacy Kelley says these volunteers are beacons of hope speaking up for children in court and working to find them a safe and permanent home.

“Those kids that we were serving thirty, twenty-eight and twenty-five years ago are adults now,” Kelley said. “We have conversations with adults now who had a CASA and whose lives are completely different because somebody stepped in and say you know what it’s not right what you are going through and I’m going to help make sure your life changes today.”

Marketing and events manager, Lauren White says they can’t carry the mission without the help of dedicated volunteers.

“The very unique thing about this volunteer opportunity is our volunteers are assigned to one child or sibling group,” White said. “They are making sure all their needs are met, they are getting to know who they are as a person, and they are a consistent presence in that child’s life.”

There are still over 500 children in need of a CASA advocate.

“We have an outcry of community members who have compassion for their community. Who has the heart to make a change and they are not okay with the things that are going on,” Kelley said.

“[It’s] the one person they know they can rely on through this very scary and venerable time in their life,” White said. “That is amazing to us, we are changing child’s lives but these children are changing our lives too.”

To learn how you can be a volunteer visit the CASA website.