An arrest warrant and a police report provided new details on the shooting that injured seven people Monday night at Villa Town, 5401 South Q Drive. 

Police said six of the seven victims were still hospitalized as of Wednesday. 

Adrian Vicente Castillo, 23, was arrested Tuesday for aggravated assault.  He was held Wednesday in lieu of a $500,000 bond. 

“The subject was yelling at the victims that were on the second floor,” a police report said.  “[He] then began shooting a firearm at the subjects.”

That subject was later identified as Castillo, according to an arrest warrant which was made public on Wednesday. 

The warrant said a witness recognized Castillo from news coverage in 2015.  This is not Castillo’s first time to fire a gun into a crowd of people.

A Lubbock Police Department press release on August 13, 2015, said Castillo was arrested after a shooting at The Copper Caboose, 5609 South Q Drive. 

The 2015 press release said, “He went out to a vehicle where retrieved a handgun and began firing into a crowd in the parking lot.”

One person was hit in the 2015 shooting and the injuries were not life threatening. 

The 2015 aggravated assault charge against Castillo was dropped when he agreed to accept guilt for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  The possession charge carried a two-year prison sentence with credit for time already served in jail.  He was released in August of 2016, according to local court records, having served far less than the full two years.

A court document in 2015 indicated that Castillo had behavioral problems while in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

In 2012, Castillo was charged with evading police in a motor vehicle.  In that case he took a plea bargain for community supervision.  Ultimately it was revoked for a long list of violations including the use of cocaine, and Castillo was sentenced to two years in prison for the 2012 case. 

Over the years, eight criminal cases were filed against Castillo starting in May of 2011. Some were dismissed in favor of a plea bargains when Castillo faced multiple charges at the same time. 

A reporter with is reaching out to the office of Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney for further comment.  An update will be provided if prosecutors choose to comment.

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