Caught on camera: Decorative swans stolen from front yard


LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday at around 5 a.m., surveillance video shows two men entering the Hermosillo family property and stealing two decorative swans from the front porch.

Homeowner Hilda Hermosillo said she heard noises outside.

“I heard noises at around five in the morning,” Hermosillo said. “I got up and heard noises outside my window. When I looked out, I saw a white truck that had a lawn mower in the back.”

At first, Hermosillo said she thought the two men were out doing yard work, and didn’t think much of it. However, when she got up two hours later, the swans were gone.

“We started to check the cameras and saw two older people took them,” Hermosillo said.

Hermosillo said the swans were more than just decorations, they were a gift from her late father.

“I felt sad all day. All day. I was crying because for me, it’s something very special because it’s a memory of my dad,” Hermosillo said.

Her father gave her the swans as a wedding gift more than 20 years ago, rendering them irreplaceable.

“I would like to get them back, of course, and that’s the reason I am sad because my father is no longer alive to give me others,” Hermosillo said. “It’s something sentimental more than anything.”

This isn’t the first time something has been stolen from her front yard. Two weeks ago, the Hermillosos’ trailer was also stolen. It has been returned. She said thefts hadn’t taken place up until the coronavirus pandemic.

“I imagine it’s because of the situation we are all living in,” Hermosillo said. “There are many people who don’t have jobs. That’s what I’m imagining is happening because there’s a big difference right now. There are cars driving by in the middle of the night that we didn’t used to see before.”

Hermosillo said she just hopes to get the swans back.

“I hope this touches their hearts and they bring them back to me. You can leave them in the front where we can’t see so they won’t think I will press charges against them,” Hermosillo said.

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